Servers are offline. Quality of life changes coming... Soonish...

Hey everyone!

It might appear to you guys that this game has been dead for a few months. Well, it sort of has been due to various circumstances but I've now managed to find some time to add in some quality of life changes to the game.

Also if you have tried to play the game in the last few months, you would have noticed there has been no servers online. This was a financial decision and I intend to do a fresh start on servers with the new update. I also intend on doing a release on Steam along with an update, potentially the next one, to bring in revenue to support hosting servers.

Though when the next update will come, I am not quite sure yet. Hopefully, when I hit a significant enough of milestone, I will consider a release date.

Stay tuned, I'm doing my best to keep this game updated!

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