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is a 2D Multiplayer Player v.s. Player Action Platformer with indepth RPG-style progression inspired by Action RPGs and Metroidvanias.

Official Subreddit + Dev posts

You might find me streaming dev time when I'm working on it at home over at

Ken's Developer Stream.

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Game Updates


RPG-style Progression - Become more powerful as you defeat more players and level up!

  • Gain Stat Points and Skill Points as you level up.
  • Allocate Stat Points into 3 Primary Stats that has effects on 7 Secondary Stats.
  • Level up your skills with Skill Points to unlock their full potential.

A variety of ways to change up your game!

  • 10-Player Arenas - Players are placed in elimination matches against other players of similar levels.
  • Diverse Skills - Choose up to 12 Skills from 18 Active Skills and 12 Passive Skills to create your build for the arena.
  • Full Armory - 3 Weapon types and 9 Equipment types.
  • Equipment Infusion - Every piece of equipment can be upgraded through infusion!
  • Item Drops - Defeat higher level players for higher level gear and Soul Stones for Equipment Infusion.
  • Regular Balance Changes - Regular skill updates to give a variety of competitive gameplay.


Check below for download and system requirements.

Current Release

{Soul}Ascension Alpha 0.24.2 - 1 August 2017

Release Changes


I'm currently the solo developer of this game which also means I can only work on it whenever I can since I work full time. Development is ongoing but updates releases really depends on the pace I'm working at and what other features or changes I feel need to be made.

Critical bugs or important features that are required will be released more frequently.

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{Soul}Ascension Alpha - Windows 116 MB
Version 0.24.2
{Soul}Ascension Alpha - Mac OS X 52 MB
Version 0.24.2

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