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As with any on going developing game, there is bound to be updates.
Devlogs can be found here: Ascension Developer Blog
Release Changes can be found here: Ascension Release Info


RPG-style Progression - Become more powerful as you defeat more players and level up!

  • Gain Stat Points and Skill Points as you level up.
  • Allocate Stat Points into 3 Primary Stats that has effects on 7 Secondary Stats.
  • Level up your choices of skills with Skill Points to unlock their full potential.

A variety of ways to change up your game!

  • 10-Player Arenas - Divided into 10 Tiers - 10 levels per tier up to level 100
  • Diverse Skills - Choose up to 12 Skills for combat from 18 Active Skills divided by Weapon types and 12 Passive Skills.
  • Full Armory - 3 Weapon types and 9 Equipment types.
  • Equipment Upgrades - Gain powerful Tomes of Enhancements to enhance your equipment.
  • Item Drops - Defeat higher level players for higher level gear and Tome of Enhancements.
  • Balance - Regular skill adjustments brings balance between skills.


System Requirements

Java 8 - Download

Current Release

Ascension Alpha 0.20.2 - 1 September 2016
Release Changes

Past Releases

Ascension Alpha 0.20.1 - 23 August 2016
Ascension Alpha 0.20.0
- 15 August 2016
Ascension Alpha 0.19.0 - 4 August 2016
Not Available

Development is on going. Which also means I develop it whenever I can since I work full time.
I'm looking to push updates maybe (bi?)weekly.
Depends on the pace I'm working at and what other features or changes need to be made.


I've got some minor features in the backlog, though I may never ultimately implement them.

I also have some skill replacements in there, but again I may not actually put them in after reviewing their design.

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More information

Published111 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
Release date114 days ago
Tags2D, Action, ascension, Multiplayer, Platformer, PvP, rpg
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer

Install instructions

System Requirements

Java 8 - Download

Download and extract the contents.

Run Ascension(Ascension.jar for MacOS) to start the game!

Thanks for trying out the Alpha build!

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Ascension Alpha 0.20 Update 2 - Windows
Ascension Alpha 0.20 Update 2 - MacOS